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Primary Colours Waldorf Inspired Children’s Hub is a peaceful and warm oasis in the middle of Shanghai’s concrete desert. We work in a family and home like environment with parents being a crucial part of the community. Primary Colours is accepting children from 3 to 6 years old. Kindergarten allows children the time to enjoy childhood, not to be rushed or over-stimulated. Primary Colours is a non-academic stepping-stone between home and school. The staff strive to create a harmonious, secure and caring atmosphere in which the child’s imagination is nurtured. Children of this age learn primarily through play and imitation. Imaginative play is the ‘work’ of childhood and this activity begins every morning as the children arrive for Kindergarten. The children take inspiration from their surroundings and their experiences in order to initiate games using wooden blocks and planks, softly coloured cloths and pegs, pine cones, conkers and other simple toys to create the scene. As well as nurturing the imagination, play enables the child to develop in other ways – finding the physical skills needed to move a small tree stump or peg a cloth to a play frame, developing the social skills needed to work with others, and helping the child to make sense of the world around them.

Kindergarten children continue to refine their self-care skills and their expanding ability to help each other forms a close-knit class community. Older children help younger children and are given greater classroom responsibilities with daily activities tailored to their increasing capacities. The younger children learn from the older children by watching and begin to learn some of the steps, skills and expectations.

Primary Colours - Wadlorf Inspired Children's Hub Shanghai



Location: Tianping Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Kids’ age group: 3 – 6yrs
Time: 8:00 am – 4pm | Monday to Friday

During the day, structured and unstructured activities unfold in an unhurried fashion with regular rhythms. The rhythms of the day, week, and seasons provide a structure within which the child gains a secure relationship to the world. Children participate in painting, drawing, modelling, baking, handwork, singing, games, and many other activities. In this way the day flows between active and quiet times. A great part of the day is spent in the garden, rain or shine.

Primary Colors

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Our curriculum supports all aspects of the Early Years Foundation stage including Communication and Language; Physical Development; Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Mathematics and Understanding the World as well as the following specfic areas:

  • Mathematics:
    Counting rhymes, weighing and measuring, pattern making, problem solving, matching and sorting
  • Artistic and craft activities:
    Painting, drawing, modelling, sewing, embroidery, weaving, woodwork, felting, paper crafts, seasonal decorations, making kites and threading
  • Outdoor activities:
    Gardening including simple growing and harvesting, nature observation through seasons, digging, throwing and catching, building shelters, climbing and balancing
  • Music:
    Singing, playing simple musical instruments
  • Storytelling:
    Fairy tales, folk tales, seasonal stories and puppet plays
  • Domestic activities:
    Baking, peeling and chopping fruit and vegetables, making juice, tidying; washing up, cleaning and sweeping
  • Creative play:
    Free exploration and discovery, self initiated physical play inside and outside, building dens; role play, dressing up, imitative play, small world play and storytelling
  • Games:
    Skipping, circle and nger games


The Day Center will celebrate a combination of Chinese and European festivals.

  • Chinese New Year
    Spirit of the upcoming year – a mythical animal / songs and verses.
  • Easter
    Egg colouring and rolling.
  • Dragon Boat Festival – Midsummers Day
    A dragon boat will be build up with all the children – Summer Solstice.
  • Mid-Autumn Festival
    Harvest celebration – celebrating earth, soil, nature, sun and water.
  • Christmas
    Advent preparations, Christmas songs and stories etc.

Daily Program

The Kindergarten day runs from 8 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday. Morning sessions ends at 12 pm.

08:00Arrival/Free play
09:10Clean up
09:20Morning greeting
10:10Finger play
10:45Outdoor play
12:00Pick Up
12:00Preparing to go for a nap
12:15Fairy tale
12:35Nap time
2:30Waking up
2:35Afternoon snack
3:00 - 4:00Free Play + Pick up
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