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Waldorf Exchange Seasonal Program

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Summer Camps

We organize international camps for children from all over the world to learn, create and have fun together in a natural environment.

For many parents the summer is an opportunity for their children to be occupied in something completely different than regimental school but with a structure that allows for a child’s personal growth.

We take a well-rounded approach, where children enjoy a multicultural environment. We are inspired by Waldorf education.

This year we organise two camps:

  1. WESP LATVIA: 27th of July – 5th of August (for international participants) – FULL
  2. WESP CHINA: 10th-19th of August (contact us if you are interested)

  • Send us an email to to receive a detailed WESP presentation.
Waldorf Exchange Summer Program

Days are filled with a variety of age-appropriate outdoor activities and natural experiences.

Waldorf Exchange Summer Program will welcome around 100 children from Europe, America, Australia and Asia.

Children are divided in smaller groups of  10-16 by age (accommodation is arranged by gender).


The Waldorf Exchange Summer Program by Adazi Free Waldorf School and Motherground org. provide well-rounded, healthy and natural activities.

WESP LATVIA is for children aged 7 -16 years old. At this camp we will have a special Youth House with separate activities for the young adults.

Children enjoy a multicultural environment. In the camp we mainly speak in English but assist children in all the other languages necessary.

Days are filled with singing, play, handcrafts, art, nature and adventure walks, bike riding and river rafting and yet there is still plenty of time for the children to wander and explore, to create, and to dream amidst our beautiful fields, forests, gardens, and lakes.


WESP LATVIA is situated at the west part of the country, near a big and picturesque lake Usma. Campsite is part of the very beautiful Gauja National Park.

WESP CHINA is situated just outside the city of Shanghai. The camp-site is next to a lake in a beautiful green area.

In both countries children will enjoy the majesty of nature surrounded by forests and lake.

Accommodation is in a clean and lovely guest houses. Both Campsite has sports grounds (basketball, tennis, football, volleyball), beach, forest nearby.

Healthy and locally grown breakfast, lunch, and dinner is provided daily by the guest as well as regular snacks.

WESP Latvia


Nature & Science

Arts & Crafts

Sports & Movement


Every group will have a Teacher and a Counsellor. Two people that will be the guardians of the small group and will lead activities and take full responsibility for the children in the duration of the Summer Program.

Every day is well thought-out and planned by the Camp teachers and Counselors and overseen by the WESP Principal.

At WESP we have activities that the whole camp take part in, like Morning and Evening Circles, outings outside the Campsite as well as activities in your Little Group and mixed groups.

  • The WESP Principal is Liva Koziola, a well-experienced camp leader in China and Europe.
  • WESP Teachers are professional Waldorf teachers and professionals, that are currently working in a Waldorf school or Waldorf organisation.
  • On the Campsite we will have a doctor, who will take responsibility of children’s health issues. For more serious issues we will drive to nearby hospital after informing parents.
  • Counsellors are Waldorf graduates, students and enthusiasts from around the world.
  • At WESP we have volunteers – people, who will help with different tasks necessary for a smooth and beautiful camp.
  • At WESP we will have a functioning office, for contact with parents. We will also post pictures online of every-day activities. We also will have a functioning post office to receive and send letters to and from home.


08:30-09:00Waking Up
10:00-11:00Morning Circle
11:00-11:30Morning Greeting in the Little Group
11:30-13:00Themed activities
14:00-15:30Quiet time / Free time
15:30-18:30Activities in the Little Group
19:30-20:30Evening Circle
20:30-21:00Pre-sleep snack
21:00-21:30Preparations for bed
21:30-...Bed time
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